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Supplying Artwork

FREE File Check

The most important check is that your files will print in high quality and the way you have designed them. To ensure the files you have designed will print 100% correct we perform quality checks FREE OF CHARGE. This involves using advanced software which checks all elements of your file including pictures, logos, type, backgrounds, CMYK (we will convert files to CMYK automatically) etc. If any problems are found we will report these back to you and it is your choice if you want to proceed or correct the issues raised. Unlike others who just print or charge for this service we check your file for free to make sure your printing order is perfect and high quality.

Sending Your Artwork To Us
• Uploading your files when you order any product. You do this at the checkout stage on our website where there is a "upload file" button.
• Sending us your files, at any time, via our website. Click here to go to the file upload section.
• When you have completed your order you will receive a confirmation email, reply to this email with your files attached.
• Sending your files directly to us by email:
• Use any free file sharing servers such as,, Dropbox, Microsoft, Google etc.

Once an order has been placed and we have your artwork files we will check the files for quality and if required convert to CMYK colours ready for printing. We will send you a PDF proof, free of charge, via email for you to check all is as you want it and give your approval for printing. Your order is put on hold until we receive your approval to print. Once approved we will begin the printing process and at this stage no alterations can be made to the order without incuring additional costs.
Hard copy printed proofs can be supplied via post, these usually cost £20. The hard copy proofs give an accurate colour representation of the final printed product in your hands. They are printed on a semi gloss prooofing paper not the paper that is used for the printing the finished product. The hard copy proofs give a better representation of the final print whereas PDF proofs could have colour differences caused by the different monitor settings when viewing a PDF file on screen against a printed hard copy.

Need us to design the artwork for you? No problem!
The design of your product is just as important as the printing! If required, our graphic designers can design any artwork for you. Your printing will be professionally designed by our in-house graphics team who transform your ideas in to a high impact visual image that makes your printing stand out from the competition. With more than 6 in our Graphic Design team - available to you to help achieve the perfect image. We charge extra for this service because we do not just put "text on paper" which others offer in their "Free design service" - there is a difference!, please see here.


Help and Information - Achieving The Perfect Artwork Files
The information below is designed to give you help in sending us the correct file specification. We are always here to help and we can usually solve many file problems for you. Supplying an artwork file for commercial print is not quite the same as printing your file on a desktop printer. Please read through the information carefully before submitting your files for print.

File Formats
We can print directly from the following file types:

  • .JPG (JPEG)
  • .TIF (TIFF)

We can work with most design programs from Mac and Windows applications. We have to convert these file types to .PDF for print. You can convert the files yourself using one of the many free websites that will convert your files into a  .PDF format.

Microsoft Files (i.e. Publisher, Excel, Word etc)
While we say we can work with most file formats, Microsoft office files can sometimes cause problems when being converted. For instance, if you use what we call a 'gradient fill' (i.e. a colour fading from one colour into another), the fill can sometimes 'crash'. Similarly, if you use a 'tint' or certain mixed colours, the conversion may interpret this as a 'cross hatch' effect or the colours will change from what has been set. If in doubt, please check with us.

Whether you are ordering A6, DL, A5, A4 or A3, please take note of the measurements we need for your artwork, allowing for 'bleed' as explained further below. We have page size templates which you can download. Click here to visit our templates page. We can resize your artwork to fit these sizes, however, it is especially important if you are ordering folded leaflets that you make sure each folded 'panel' sits comfortably within the folded areas (i.e. a 6 page DL leaflet needs each panel to measure 99mm x 210mm or a 4 page A5 needs each panel to measure 148.5mm x 210

Please ensure all fonts are either converted to outlines, curves or are embedded in the file - if this is not done, our system could substitute the missing fonts for others and your printed leaflet could look drastically different. You should check your text carefully on the proof we send you.

Ensure all images used in your file are at least 300dpi (dots per inch). Using low resolution images (i.e. 72dpi images which you will usually find on websites) will result in a 'jaggy, pixelated or blurred' look - even though a 72dpi image will look fine on your monitor it will look terrible when printed.

The printing process is made up of four colours; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (known as CYMK) - these colours make up full colour photos etc. Please ensure your files are supplied in CMYK so you can be confident of getting the colours you expect. We will convert any RGB files to CMYK before print, this may alter the colours slightly to what you see on your RGB screen and some colours may not print as vibrantly. It is your responsibility to check that the colours have converted correctly.

It is essential that there is a 3mm 'bleed' to all outer edges of your artwork. Bleed is when the background colour/image is extended 3mm past the 'trim edge' (the finished size) and stops any white edges showing around your leaflet when they are cut to size. However we can work with less bleed, say 1mm, or no bleed. We would try and add the bleed for you this you can check when we send you a proof.

File Checking
If you require your file checking before you purchase any item then please send your artwork to to be checked. To ensure there is no confusion please specify in your email that you require a file check only.

Safe Area
This is the space between the edge of your leaflet and any text or images that go near the edge of your design. Please ensure you leave 3mm 'safe area'. If you do not allow a 3mm 'safe area' on your design, any text/ images that are too close to the 'trimming edge' could get 'chopped' into. If we feel your file does not have enough 'safe area', we will add a 3mm white border to the edges of your leaflet and reduce the size slightly to allow this.

Imposition / Page Layout
Ensure you only send your files 1-UP (i.e. ONE leaflet on ONE page). Do not supply 2 or more leaflets on the same page - we usually print your leaflets batched with up to 8 or 16 other orders on larger B2 sheets and cannot separate your file otherwise.

Transparencies / Layers
Please ensure all transparencies or layers are flattened in the files you send us.

With the very latest pre-press software in place, we will open your file and check for quality issues and convert RGB colours to CMYK, we will not check spelling, colours, design or content. We then send you a proof via email for you to check your file. You will need to approve this proof via email before we can commence with your order.

Once you approve the proof via email we will then start our printing process and despatch within the stated time for the product you have purchased. At this point your order can not be changed.

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Artwork Tips

We love it when you send us your own artwork files. If you require any help we are always here and can usually solve many file problems for you. Supplying an artwork file for commercial print is not quite the same as printing your file on a desktop printer.

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Order Tracking and Free Delivery

You can track your order from start to finish. Login to your account to instantly see at what stage your order is: printing, cutting, packed etc. Once despatched, on FREE delivery, we send you a tracking email and you can track your parcel to your door.

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Free File Checking and Templates

Unsure about your artwork quality. We check your files for quality of images, colour setting, and any other issues that can arise. This is totally FREE, we will advise of any problems. Templates are available to help you set up bleeds etc. for Leaflets, brochures, posters.

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Paper Sizes

Don't know what size you require. Take a look at all the standard papers sizes available. Using standard sizes for leaflets and flyers makes the printing prices more competative. However we can print on any size paper your order requires.

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