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Are you thinking about promoting yourself or your business with Business Cards? If so, there are a few vital tips that you should consider in the design process.

We design and print buisness cards everyday for various people, in many different trades of buisness. At eColourPrint, we have some important advice on how to make your cards a success, in the design and print, with what to include along the way.


1. Logo

Customers and clients will use your logo as a way of recognising you, your buisness or products. When they need to find some contact information, they will think about your logo as well as just your company name.

Haven't got a logo? Have a professional designer create your business logo for you to then use as your symbol.

Including a logo is a must! It is your icon, use it.


2. Your Name & Title

Including your name is very important to make the business card personal, and to create the personal connection with whoever is reading it.

A business card must have some sort of indication of what it is you do, not just who you are. This can be your position in the company, your talents, or a short description of the services your company offers. This will help readers know what role you undertake and know if you are who they need.

Make your card useful.


3. Contact Information

A business card must include some way for people to contact you, otherwise what is the point in having them? This could be anything from a phone number to an email, or even a fax number.

Make sure the contact information is correct. Along with if someone contacts you, make sure they will recieve a response, because if not, again the information will be useless.


4. Online Profiles

Different people like to connect with you in different ways. Some prefer to connect via social media, so you should definitely consider putting your profiles on your business card. It boosts your network, and hopefully boosts the sales.

Definitely get your profiles on there if your social media is a postive light for your business or products. Customers and clients always want to find out more, so give them that if you can.


5. Your Website

If you or your buisness hold their own website it is important to get that information on your business card too. Clients and potential customers want to see what you are offering and the products you sell.

You can't tell everyone everything over the phone or on your business card, so it is vital they can find visuals elsewhere.

Consider QR codes, as they are a great way to visually present web addresses, phone numbers or vCards. There are plenty of free QR code generators on the Web to help you with this.


6. Design

Baring all this information in mind, don't make the business card a wordy mess. With all this important information to include it could fill your business card up very quickly, but keep the text simple and the space avaliable. A clear structure and a readable font is key.

You could also think about getting a professional designer in to help you if you are unsure. Our designers at eColourPrint create eye catching visuals which are designed correctly to make people pick up the business card without a doubt.

Your business card is important and you want to avoid the bin at all costs, so think about your design and make it stand out from the rest.


7. Quality

When it comes to the final stage of printing your cards, don't let the quality ruin it.

If the card feels flimsy or looks like you printed it yourself on a cheap printer, it will leave people with impression that they are dealing with a company that will disappear as soon as the owner finds a real job. Have your business card professionally printed on good heavyweight business card stock.

Think carefully about the look you want to give, your card could be laminated to give you that professional, sleek look, it's up to you.


The most important part of your business card is that it represents you and your work.


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