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Why Every Small Business Should Outsource Their Graphic Design

If you were planning an extension to your house, would you draw up the plans yourself?

If the gears on your car blew, would you assume you have the skills (or time) to repair it yourself?

Of course not.

You’d bring in the right professionals to get the job done professionally!


The design of your product is just as important as the printing! Designing print materials isn’t just about making things look presentable:

It’s about getting people to act, think, and feel differently about your company, its products, and its services.

And that means that first impressions count.

It’s much harder to recover from a poor design job than it is to get the best people working on it from the beginning.

So instead of trying your luck with a DIY approach to your marketing, get it right the first time by hiring a printing company that uses experienced, professional graphic designers.

Here are some of the most important reasons why using a designer-equipped printing company is the best choice for your business:

You’ll always get a better result

With so many powerful bits of graphic design software available to everyone, it can be tempting to think you can do a decent job of it yourself.

But until you’ve let a dedicated, specialised graphic designer work on your project, you might not realise what a huge difference it makes.

Unlike you or your employees, graphic designers don’t just dabble. They’re obsessed with every detail and aspect of the finished product, and they create and test different designs for all sorts of companies – all day, every day.

They know what sort of marketing design gets results, and they’ve got a refined sense of visual style that’s been honed through years of practice and experience – working on projects with a proven track record of success.

From the very beginning, graphic designers like ours will already be thinking about:

Spatial balance – how the arrangement of every element of the design guides the eye to the right information.

The blend of colours – how different colours complement each other, how the right choice of colour can help different elements to stand out, and the psychology behind how different colours affect our perceptions and feelings.

Making the right choices for different media – getting the balance of size, space, and colour right for posters, brochures, adverts, and web design.

Expert details you might never have thought of – like choosing the right paper stock for a better sensory and tactile experience

You can put your own time to better use

There’s a reason why you’re not a graphic designer.

You’ve got your own business with your own specialities – with projects and tasks that require your own dedicated expertise.

When you outsource your marketing projects to a printing company with its own professional graphic designers, you’re freeing up more of your own valuable time to focus on the things you do best: finding new clients, guiding your team, and making high-level decisions for your business.

There are only so many hours in the week. So why would you waste any of them trying to do things that a professional can do in minutes?


You’ll save money

This one might seem counter-intuitive:

If you’ve got someone on your own team ready to give graphic design a go, why would hiring a designer-ready printing company help you to save money?

Here’s how:

1. You’re renting years (or decades) of professional experience

A printing company with its own designers has already made the up-front investment for you.

You’re just buying a small slice of their time. And that small slice of time comes with all of their years of experience, every successful marketing project they’ve worked on, and a proven track record of getting results with other companies like yours.

2. You’ll only pay for what you need

Most graphic designers work on a project-to-project basis.

There are no commitments or on-going costs. And you won’t have to worry about the hidden costs of hiring an extra employee: things like office space, holidays and sick leave, or employee benefits.

3. They’ll get the job done quicker

A designer-equipped printing company will probably charge a little more per hour than the salary you pay to one of your employees.

But if they can do the same great job in 3 hours that you or your team would have needed 12 hours to do, then that’s a win – you’ll end up paying less overall.

You’re building a solid relationship for the future

You might only need one piece of design now – and maybe one of your own employees can handle it.

But if you’re serious about marketing and branding (and you should be!) you’re bound to need more design work done in the future.

Finding the right printing company to work with now means you’ll always have someone on hand and ready to dive in with their professional graphic design skills and experience – no matter how often or how little you need them.

Our professional, experienced design team are here to help with any print design you may need. Our graphic designers do this all day and have done for years which include projects from a simple business cards to a full colour multi-page brochure. First of all we talk to you or you send us your copy and we understand what your ideas are. Then after creating a design you will receive a proof for you to change or alter to your exact requirements. Don't worry if you change the design, we are here to help get you the perfect image.

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