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When it comes to designing leaflets, menus, posters and flyers, your font selection is vital. But more than likely, your computer only comes with a select number of font styles. Used over and over again, these can become boring and fail to attract the attention of a reader or your target audience.

Don't forget that your choice of font and typeface has a huge bearing on how well your printed materials will perform.

Luckily, there are many websites out there that contain a host of custom fonts and typefaces, available for you to download and use. And the great thing? Many of these stylish fonts are absolutely free!

To save you the trouble of wading through a Google search to find free fonts online, we've rounded up a HUGE list of 40 websites that provide free fonts for download.


A Note About Personal And Commercial Use

Some of the fonts available to download on these websites are intended for personal use only, and should not be used in commercial materials. Others are free for use for any purpose. In most cases, there will be a note on the font that tells you how you may use it.

We've done our best to identify which sites provide free fonts for commercial use, but the licenses often vary from font to font on individual websites, so we'd always advise that you check. If in doubt, don't use the font for commercial use, and find an alternative that you know you are clear to use.


The Best Free Font Sites

Without further ado, here's our list of free font websites... Enjoy!


#1 – 1001 Free Fonts

A website that contains 1001 free fonts? Yes please! Even better, 1001 Free Fonts actually contains way more than that! Regularly updated, this website is an amazing resource for downloading free fonts. Each font contains an easy to view example, as well as information on what you can use it for.

#2 – Better Fonts

Containing a mass of free to download fonts, Better Fonts is a catalogue of typefaces that have been collected from around the web. They are described as being either freeware, shareware or demo versions.

#3 – Dribbble

Dribbble is a cool website which allows designers to share their work and projects with like-minded people. Designers regularly upload fonts that they have worked on and produced, available for free download. Each designer indicates the intended license usage for the font. If in doubt, ask with a comment.

#4 – Font Fabric

A range of fonts can be found on Font Fabric, ranging from free to premium. Using the categories at the side of the page can easily filter out the paid options to reveal a useful range of stylish free fonts. Each font will tell you whether it can be used commercially.

#5 – Artill Fonts

The fonts at Artill Fonts are created by graphic designer Lukas Bischoff, and are for use on personal projects only. Although they are free to download, you must share the site on Facebook to be able to begin the download... But that's a small price to pay for some quality work!

#6 – Fontstruct

Regular updates are made to Fontstruct, meaning that there are nearly always new fonts to choose from. Each individual font will advise you whether you can use it for personal or commercial use, based on the discretion of the designer.

#7 – Font Zone

A range of free fonts that are updated regularly. Each individual font indicates whether it can be used for personal and/or commercial use. Clicking through to a particular font will provide a useful preview of all uppercase and lowercase letters.

#8 – Free Typography

A frequently updated blog that contains fonts that have been designed by graphic designers. It appears that these fonts can be used for branding and commercial use, though it may be advisable to ask permission first.

#9 – Lost Type

A collaborative project, the Lost Type website brings together the work of a number of designers. You have to pay to use the fonts for commercial use (a sliding payment scale based on the number of users), or you can pay what you like (including nothing) for personal use.

#10 – Neat Fonts

A selection of free to download fonts can be found at Neat Fonts. The fonts are described as being either freeware, shareware or demo versions.

#11 – Open Font Library

An array of free to download fonts can be found at the Open Font Library. Each font contains license information so you can easily discover what you can use it for.

#12 – Simply The Best Fonts

A huge selection of fonts can be found here, with each one telling you whether it is free for commercial or personal use. There's also a cool feature where you can preview your own text in your chosen font before downloading.

#13 – Abstract Fonts

A great selection of new and interesting fonts can be found at Abstract Fonts, available for free download. There are a great selection to choose from, including iconic styles such as a Walt Disney font. Each one clearly states whether it can be used for commercial use or personal use only.

#14 – Behance

Similar to Dribbble, Behance is a collective website where designers can share their projects. Amongst the popular items shared are fonts, many of which are free and can be used for commercial purposes (this will be indicated by the designer in the project information).

#15 – Chank Fonts

A collection of fonts can be found at Chank, which are available for free use on a personal basis. However, a license must be purchased if you wish to use them for non-commercial purposes.

#16 – Creamundo

This site looks quite old and dated, but contains loads of free fonts for you to download. There are no clear instructions regarding licensing, so it may be worth contacting them before you use the fonts on a commercial project.

#17 – Da Font

With a superb selection of fonts that grows on a regular basis thanks to frequent updates, Da Font is a great resource for free font downloads. Each font indicates the level of usage that is acceptable.

#18 – Daily Free Fonts

As the name suggests, Daily Free Fonts is a daily updated site with fonts available to download. The fonts are all shown with a preview, and explain whether they are intended for personal and/or commercial use.

#19 – Deviant Art

Another place where designers hang out, a search for “font” in Deviant Art can yield some useful results. Most free fonts will indicate whether they can be used for commercial purposes, but if in doubt, simply ask the designer in a comment.

#20 – Ffonts

The website Ffonts offers a range of free fonts to download. Many of these can be used for commercial use, as and where indicated on the particular font's download page.

#21 – Font Cab

All of the fonts at Font Cab are free for commercial use, “to make your life easy” according to the guys who run the site. There are some really cool designs too; lovely!

#22 – Font Cubes

The fonts at Font Cubes are all free to download, but you may be required to ask permission from the designer of your chosen font if you intend to use it for commercial purposes. Still, with so many nice designs to choose from, it's worth the effort if you find a font you really like.

#23 – Font Space

A great selection of fonts can be found at Font Space, with new styles and designs being uploaded on a regular basis. Check each font's download for details on whether or not it can be used for commercial purposes.

#24 – Font Haus

Containing a number of premium and free fonts, Font Haus is a great resource. All free downloads have a detailed license agreement that must be adhered to when using the font for commercial material.

#25 – Font Palace

With a colossal range of free fonts to download, Font Palace provides another superb resource for designers and marketers. Each font contains license details, so you can easily find out if you can use it commercially.

#26 – Fonts 101

With over 40,000 free fonts to choose from, you're likely to find just the one for your project at Fonts 101. Each font details its license type, so you can be sure whether you're able to use it for commercial purposes.

#27 – Fonts 2 U

Another large database full of various font styles for free download, Fonts 2 U is a goldmine for designers looking to add a new typeface to their project. Each font is labelled with its license type to ensure you are aware what you can use it for.

#28 – Fonts 500

Fonts 500 simply lists the web's top 500 free fonts, with easy to view previews that quickly illustrate the font's style. The fonts are described as freeware, shareware or demo versions. It therefore may be worth asking whether you can use them for commercial use.

#29 – Fonts Bytes

Another good selection of fonts available to download free of charge can be found at Fonts Bytes. Each font offers a preview of its style, and there are clear labels indicated whether the font is free for personal use or can also be used commercially (100% free). You can also use the filters to view fonts that are suitable for your desired useage, for example only fonts that can be used for commercial purposes.

#30 – Font Spring

Although some of the fonts at Font Spring are paid, there are also certain fonts within many of the font families that are free. Check the license for each font to see whether it can be used commercially.

#31 – Font Squirrel

The good people who run Font Squirrel say that “as far as we know”, all the fonts that are available for free download can be used for commercial use. Check each individual font for full license details. Font Squirrel is a superb resource with a clean layout and easily navigable menus.

#32 – Hype For Type

With a lovely range of striking fonts, Hype For Type is a wonderful website from which to find free typefaces. Each one comes with a description which usually includes licensing rules, and there is also in depth licensing information available on the sidebar of each font's download page.

#33 – Iconian Fonts

Run by Dan Zadorozny, Iconian Fonts is a selection of bold and arresting typefaces. They are all free for personal use, but Dan asks for a small donation of $20 if they are to be used commercially.

#34 – Neogrey

Some of the fonts available at Neogrey are free for personal and commercial use, whilst others require a donation if you wish to use them commercially. The fonts here are very much quality over quantity, with just a handful of gorgeous typefaces available.

#35 – Smashing Magazine

An online magazine about all things web and graphics, Smashing Magazine often round up a selection of new free fonts. Many of these can be used for both personal and commercial use, as stated in the description. Definitely worth checking every now and then.

#36 – Ten By Twenty

A selection of lovely free and paid-for fonts can be found at Ten By Twenty. Once you have navigated to the free fonts of your choosing, downloading is simple. All of the fonts can be used for personal and commercial projects.

#37 – The League Of Moveable Type

The manifesto of The League Of Moveable Type is that giving stuff away for free is sometimes a good thing. And with the quality of fonts available to download, we have to agree. The fonts are available for use under the Open Font License.

#38 – Urban Fonts

At Urban Fonts, you can find a wide range of free fonts to download, alongside some premium ones. Each font download will come with notes in the download file, which inform you of the licensing rules for that particular font. Ensure you read the license to ensure you can use it for commercial purposes.

#39 – Font Shop

Unlike most shops, the Font Shop also has a good selection of freebies. The terms of use for each free font may vary, so check before you use it commercially.

#40 – Font River

A great selection of free fonts can be found at Font River. The website is updated regularly, and contains a diverse selection of designs. You can use many of the fonts for commercial purposes, but some restrictions do apply to some fonts, so make sure you check on the download page.


Choosing Your Fonts

The list of fonts above is in no particular order. It's just simply a list of resources that we think will be helpful in finding the ideal fonts for your projects, to help you stand out from the crowd.

Do you think we've missed out a great free font website? Let us know in the comments!

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