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We've recently found 12 Interesting Printing Facts, from the past to the future! Some of which, we didn't know ourselves, even being in the industry over 60 years.

Keep reading to find out which ones you know and discover the facts you didn't...

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In 2018 many people now believe that print based marketing had become a redundant form of business promotion however despite popular belief print based marketing continues to produce and impressive return on investment.

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History of Print

Published: 22/01/2018

Modern printing began in the fifteenth century after the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg (1398-1468).

However, the history of print goes back much further in time. This blog will be in two sections. The history of print from 3000b.c. up until Gutenberg’s revolutionary invention will be part one. A brief description of the evolution of the industry up until the present day will be part two.


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Your company letterhead or order form needs to follow several legal requirements, and if you fail to implement these, then certain repercussions can occur. Thankfully, the requirements are simple and vary from business type to business type.


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There are rules for the distribution of leaflets and although this is primarily aimed at people handing them out on the street, it is well worth being abreast of the facts.

In 2005, the UK introduced the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act. This means you cannot distribute leaflets in most major cities in the UK without a permit. Get advice on getting the right permits for the right places from your local council. This law was placed in order to prevent littering, but if you’ve done your homework, designed your printed leaflet well, with a quality finish and targeted your audience successfully, littering should not be an issue.


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What is Foamex?

Published: 28/04/2017

NEW PRODUCT - Foamex Boards!

Even though we have been creating Foamex Boards and Signs forever, we have now launched these as a feature product on our website - avaliable for you to purchase.

We are going to explain what Foamex Board is and its uses, to see if it would work for you.


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Best Ways To Promote Your Restaurant

Published: 12/04/2017

Promoting your Restaurant can be tricky when you feel you have achieved all the basic requirements. There is many ways to increase custom and get people "raving" about your business.

Boost your sales today and try some of our new Top 10 Ways To Promote Your Restaurant -


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All marketing starts with a strategy.

You need to know what you are planning, what you want to achieve & who your target audience is.

Growing a small business can be done through both online marketing platforms and physical printing. High quality printing is far from dead and if you want to reach customers and have a big impact, then one of the key elements in your marketing mix to consider is printing. Printing is responsible for flyers, banners, business cards, tags, envelopes and more… essentially; everything that has the ability to be printed has the ability to market your product.


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Our brand new range of Business Cards are the perfect lasting impression on you potential or exsiting clients. Make the right first impression your way! Our range of quality business cards can match your every design ideas.

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"150gms Gloss Art Paper Stock" So what does GMS mean? GSM means ‘Grams every Square Meter’, It’s an estimation of paper quality which takes into account printers to be much more exact than they could be with wooly terms like ‘thick’, “thin” and ‘kinda in the center’.

In this post, we will discuss the possiblities of all our stocks and what is best for your printing requirements. Use this guide to help you on your next print venture.


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Artwork Tips

We love it when you send us your own artwork files. If you require any help we are always here and can usually solve many file problems for you. Supplying an artwork file for commercial print is not quite the same as printing your file on a desktop printer.

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Unsure about your artwork quality. We check your files for quality of images, colour setting, and any other issues that can arise. This is totally FREE, we will advise of any problems. Templates are available to help you set up bleeds etc. for Leaflets, brochures, posters.

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Don't know what size you require. Take a look at all the standard papers sizes available. Using standard sizes for leaflets and flyers makes the printing prices more competative. However we can print on any size paper your order requires.

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